BumperSticker Story - Contributors to Messenger

Contributor Stories Collected for the November 2013 issue of the Church of the Brethren Magazine, The Messenger

Aeschbacher, Vicky 

Amador, Estella

Arrillaga, Katy

Baile, Martha

Beckwith, Rev. Carl and Carrie

Beckwith, Rev. Jim

Brown, Dr. Dale

Campolo, Rev. Tony

Daté, Dr. Barbara

deCoursey, Rev. Audrey

Farrell, Mike (BJ Hunnicutt on M*A*S*H)

Flores, Nohemi

Flory, Todd

Flory Replogle, Rev. Shawn

Gross, Bob

Haldeman-Scarr, Rev. Sara

Heishman, Rev. Nancy Sollenberger

Heishman, Tim

Hosler, Nate

Hurst, Dr. Tom

Lee, Dr. Dena

Lennard, Jeff

Long, Joe

Ludwick, Christine Wilson

McKenna, Jarrod

Mikkelson, Patricia

Mitchell, Rev. Belita

Noffsinger, Stan

Rodriguez, Sandra

Scala, John Oren

Sollenberger, David

Stoner, John

Watson, Eve

Zook, Dawn




(Please note: This was written at On Earth Peace's invitation in April, 2008, with some additions for the 2013 Messenger article)

"Everybody living in the neighborhood of your church should know that there are Christians who believe that we shouldnt go to war, that to follow Jesus' teachings means that we will love our enemies, not kill them." 

Art Gish's words resonated strongly with me, and I smiled, thinking, "YESSS!!!  Each time someone reads our bumpersticker--- or other format of 'When Jesus said, "Love your enemies," I think he probably meant don't kill them---- they're receiving exactly that crucial message!"  And, it is even more crucial than ever to get this concept into the mainstream consciousness since our country has been engaged in "preemptive strike" wars for the past 5 years in both Afghanistan and Iraq--- and since in the next several months, our citizens will be choosing a new "Commander in Chief".  Will we have at the helm someone who resonates with the concept that diplomacy and the moral high road, not brute force, are the best ways to go---- both to reach our own goals of national security, and to reach out to our brothers and sisters around the world with the extended hand of friendship, rather than a fist ready to crush perceived opposition?  (Read Full Article)