Heishman, Tim


Heishman TimLet me first say that, I have always been so grateful for your quote. I grabbed a few bumper-stickers at Annual Conference after they first came out, and I have always hung one of them in my room, wherever I have lived (in the Dominican Republic, Virginia, Maryland, and now Illinois!). I quote it often and without a doubt it has played a huge role in helping to form my theology. Or rather, it gave me a concise and comical way to articulate it! :-) I (and many others) are much indebted to both your wit and ability to articulate. Thank you for your gift to us!Here is what the quote has meant to me:

"This has always been my favorite quote! It has been central in my theological formation and to this day, it is still the best way I know how to articulate why I am a Christian pacifist. Time and time again, this quote has helped me alter the course of a discussion on war and peace, for the better.

I love the simple logic of the quote. It’s hilarious and also true. The logic is unavoidable and it’s presented in such a way that you can’t help but smile or laugh. But after the laughter dies down or the smile fades, I find that I am always still thinking about it hours later.

I’m pretty sure Jesus had a good sense of humor, and I wouldn’t be surprised if, while preaching the Sermon on the Mount, he paused to chuckle and clarify that yes, his teaching on “loving enemies” really actually meant that they probably aren’t allowed to kill them… :-)