Hosler, Nate


Hosler Nate and Jenn -w. Jarrod McKennaIn early summer 2010 Jenn and I returned from our peacebuilding work in Nigeria to attend several COB events including the National Youth Conference. Once arriving in Fort Collins we got into registration line behind Stan Noffsinger and a dreadlocked individual who I at first mistook to be Shane Claiborne. It turns out that this guy was not from Philadelphia but from Perth, Australia. It was Jarrod McKenna and we quickly began to talk. We ended up conversing frequently over the next few days. Jarrod was at NYC to preach in one of the main worship times. On the day of his sermon Jenn and I were returning to our room and stopped by to say hey. He was working to tie up the last details of his sermon—to which we gladly gave feedback. He ended up asking how the youth would like it if he preached in the “the shirt.” Given his time limitation, we went to the bookstore to get him one. Having run out of the shirt, we returned and I decided to give him the shirt off my back.