Date', Barbara


Date Dr BarbaraEven when non-Christians read the bumpersticker, they have commented... "Hmmmm, yes, I can see that's what he meant: Love your enemies..." and they'd smile in recognition and respect. They, like Gandhi and others from other religions, recognize that Jesus was proclaiming a historic peace church!

As a coach who teaches and facilitates others to build healthy relationships (and even be open to working towards healing from broken relationships), when I see the “When Jesus said, 'Love your enemies'….” bumpersticker I immediately reflect on “All war is sin.”--- and I affirm my belief in that core Brethren belief.  This bumpersticker hits the pause button for me.   I am immediately invited to “Stop and think”  to reflect much more deeply---to reconsider my options in my daily relationships with my sisters and brothers near and far…  Jesus really means us to Love everyone, every person, every encounter, all the time…into eternity… for myself in my personal life and for myself as I nurture and coach others….  Now I ask myself, “…and what does that mean exactly right now? in this moment, in this place?”

And I invite you to stop and think again: What does it mean to you?