Amador, Estella

AMADOR, ESTELLA   University of LaVerne student, Summer Service Worker

Amador Estella on leftThis bumpersticker is why I'm here (at Camp Myrtlewood, Oregon, for Song and Story Fest)--- the whole message of what it says.  Since being here, I really have become enlightened.  

I read it, and thought, "Oh, my goodness!  THAT'S a statement!"

When I go back to California, it's going to be very much different.  I'm not going to be afraid any more to stand up for what I exactly believe in.  

What drew me away from religion was, in the church where I grew up, there was so much hate against people who were different. 

My companions from that church have been telling me, "No, you can't love this way, you have to hate this way."  It's tough; they're telling me to hate, but I want to love, no matter what differences or sins they may have. I would hold my peace and try to understand.

Here, it's open, inviting, and loving.  Coming here, I've been enlightened, and I've found balance in my faith.  I know it in my heart that my Lord wants me to love, no matter what and I'm going to stand up for that love.