Lee, Dr. Dena

LEE, DR. DENA  (Former On Earth Peace Board Chairperson, Physician at Imani Medical Corporation)

Lee Dr DenaSince 2003, I have distributed copies of the bumper sticker from my medical office and human rights non-profit organization located for most of this time in the heart of a non-religious community.  The thought expressed on this sticker-- that we can consider Jesus' teachings in our daily lives as we learn to love one another-- seems to resonate with many people of various faiths.  Some read the sticker prominently placed in our reception area, pause and sheepishly ask for a copy.  A few burst into laughter and reach into the basket to "Take One" as the sign suggests. Others ask if they can take two or more. Some smile, shake their heads and express a desire to be more loving.

Soon, it was not unusual to see 2 or three cars anywhere within a 50 mile radius with a sticker.  Knowing there were no other immediate sources for the sticker, I was certain they came from patients and visitors to the office.  People are deeply  touched by the thought of Jesus' intent for our peace that they want to spread the good news.  Over the years, I have ordered hundreds of the bumper stickers.  Today, I have about 5 left in my basket.  I believe that's a good start.