Zook, Dawn


Zook DawnAs far as what I would say about the bumper stickers, I have them all around the house, in our bedroom and in the kitchen - on the refrigerator.  I like to have them around the house to remind me and my husband and our son of what we really believe and why we believe it.  I am a Mennonite and was raised Mennonite, and so was my husband.  Our pacifist beliefs are at the core of our faith.  But sadly, we see many people in the Anabaptist churches, both Mennonite and Church of the Brethren, throwing away these pacifist beliefs and embracing the way of "the empire" thinking of this culture and country.  That is why I want my family, especially our 16 year old son, to be reminded of our core values and pacifist beliefs.  So that is why I have the bumper stickers all around the house.