Baile, Martha


"I love the 'When Jesus said...' bumpersticker! Ever since they've been available, I've made sure to take a good supply of them (both OEP bumperstickers) for our MO/AR District Peace Booth at our Sedalia, MO Ecumenical Annual Festival of Sharing. People at the festival agree with the 'When Jesus said...' bumpersticker, and it's always a popular item, although in the area as a whole many people's jobs are based upon the military bases there."

BACKGROUND INFO: Each year, we have booths from about 30 different denominations, all involved with trying to alleviate povery, hunger, injustice, and make people aware of its causes, and promote peace (Heifer Project, making kits for Church World Service/ projects for the women's prison in MO, food boxes for those in need, etc.).