Caring and Capable Kids


Caring and Capable Kids

Caring and Capable Kids


Engaging stories, songs, and activities provide you with meaningful ways to teach your children
• Respect, • Responsibility, • Kindness, • Self Control, • Peer Pressure Resistance, • Ethical Decision Making, • Tolerance, and • Service to Others. 
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 Caring  Capable Kids - Songs for Teaching

These 9 songs will have your children singing and moving along with the "stay in your head" tunes, to help them remember the important messages, refer to the values and attitudes in time of need, and share with others.  

KINDNESS:  Handle with Care TOLERANCE:  Another Word for PEOPLE
RESPECT:  No One is a Nobody SERVICE TO OTHERS: Ripples and Starfish
SELF-CONTROL:If You’re Angry & You Know It PEER PRESSURE:I Can Say “No” When I Want To
ETHICAL DECISION MAKING:  What Should I Do? RESPONSIBILITY:  Who I Am Makes a Difference
  “BONUS SONG” (not in book): The Children of Tomorrow

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 Caring  Capable Kids - Biblical

 Teach Peace to Children in: Private Christian School, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Mid-Week Bible Club.

This Biblical supplemental guide to the Caring and Capable Kids links a Bible Memory Verse and a Biblically-based "Main Truth" to each of the 8 Chapters, and also provides a Biblical perspective to a number of the Discussion Questions in the book, while also connecting lessons with the stories, songs, and activities in the book.  Sharon Sparks noted:  "These lessons are tried and true.  The children responded very positively to each unit and I believe their lives have been touched for the good."


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