Caring and Capable Kids - What People are Saying



Now, more than ever, our children need to be empowered to make a difference in the world.  The Caring and Capable Kids book is a collection of lessons through stories and songs that captures the essence of establishing a healthy self in order to be of service to others.  Todays children ARE members of a global society.  They can and will influence the world this book gives children a foundation for how to take strong character into action.
                        Deanne Rohde, Principal, Lindbergh Schweitzer Elementary

To those who are considering this book,
Recently our school district decided to get back to some basic character building. I was looking everywhere attempting to get information that was timely and easily used throughout my school. There were many programs out there to choose from but none quite as concise and personal as these. These lessons are exactly what I need to hep motivate my teachers to research for themselves. As an administrator I want teachers to access information that is useful and easy to find. This book stays on my shelf and has become a big loaner. I can actually put a lesson together for a student who is in need of a lesson on one of these topics in less that 30 minutes. You can never have too much information on kindness, tolerance, self-control and responsibility. This book has it all.
                        Muriel Bartolini, Elementary School Vice Principal

This book is so wonderful !! The items selected for each lesson are easy to understand and reproduce. There are times when I need to work with a group of students and no preparation time is allotted. The lessons in this book are ready to go at a moments notice. In the past I have been asked to cover a class for an hour and these lessons fit right in that window of time. They are fun, up-to-date and active for students. When I have worked with students who are high energy I have found activities that work in this book. I recommend that every Guidance Assistant and Counselor have one of these books on the shelf or in your carry bag. Just do it.
                        Penny Clark, Elementary School Guidance Assistance

We all want to do what we can to instill in our children those values, virtues, and skills that will bring success, love, and fulfillment into their lives, and we know we need to impart this kind of personal wisdom to them beginning when they are young. Caring and Capable Kids is a beautifully thought out and imminently useful guide for teachers who are touching young minds.
                        Judith Hand, Ph.D.
                        Biologist, Author, Peace Ethologist

"This book proves to be a valuable tool in the enrichment of character development in children of all ages.  A must-have in any educator, parent or teacher's library!"
                        Julie P. Harris, Elementary School Magnet Coordinator/
Media Production