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Question: What is it that...

  • caused a UU pastor to honk at the car in front of him, and wave the driver over to the side of the highway?

  • resulted in an National Youth Conference worker giving the evening's preacher literally "the shirt off his back"?

  • sparked doubled-over, thigh slapping hilarity in a parking lot?

  • made the shouting stop at a heated political rally?

  • has been central in a young adult's theological formation?

  • daily invites an educator and relationship facilitator to "hit the pause button," to reflect on how Jesus is calling us to follow him...?

  • gave a Mennonite Sister the idea to spread them all over their house, as a constant reminder of Jesus' teachings?

  • inspired a CoB pastor to do photo-shoots in diverse and far-flung locations, to celebrate "It's everywhere!"?

  • gave one Sister such challenging food for thought that she decided that, to follow Jesus' call on her life, she needed to be a pacifist?


The wildly popular bumpersticker (and T-shirt slogan)


"When Jesus said, 'Love your enemies,' I think he probably meant don't kill them.


Dr Dale Brown BumperSticker

Photo credit:  Vinny Tennis, Lancaster Newspapers, March 19, 2006, in the Sunday news of Lancaster, PA

"Dr. Dale Brown and his wife, Lois, of Elizabethtown, make a peaceful statement."


 When Jesus - shirt

© Church of the Brethren / Photo by Glenn Riegel